Death by Holga: Portraits

Photographer M.C. Roman (aka Mr. Holga) has announced his second book project, Death by Holga: Portraits. The book will include selfies and portraits of family, friends and celebrities both locally in Dallas and nationally. Portraits will be created by means of photography, block print and etching.

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Death by Holga: Portraits will be published in 2016 and it will include a gallery exhibit of the portraits at the same time. Stay tuned.

Dallas Art Press Announces Publication of Death by Holga: 11.22.63 by Photographer M. C. Roman

Dallas Art Press, the publishing division of Dallas Art News, announces the long awaited publication of Death by Holga: 11.22.63 by photographer M. C. Roman. Death by Holga: 11.22.63 is a collection of photographs of the people, places and things associated with the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on Friday, November 22, 1963. This JFK project, launched in the spring of 2010, is now a beautiful fine art photography book. The book can be purchased at or

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